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Design Advantages

- Installed & Inspected as "joint framing" (before obstructions)
- Unaffected by dirty, oily, wet, or freezing conditions
- Cured intumescent effective immediately (no VOC)
- No fatigue to joint or substrate materials for life of assembly

Fire Stopping

- UL 2079 Classified and listed for up to 3 hr assemblies
- Protection for up to 4" movement capability
- UL Classified level III (seismic) and lowest achievable L-rating (smoke/air seal)

Sound Dampening

- NVLAP certified to provide up to STC 67 (based on wall assembly)
- Open unencumbered joints (no caulk required)
- Fluted Deck Exposed only BlazeFrame Deck Plug or Flute Cover STC = 50+

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