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Design Advantages

- Installed & Inspected as "joint framing" (before obstructions)
- Unaffected by dirty, oily, wet, or freezing conditions
- Cured intumescent (no VOC)
- No fatigue to joint or substrate materials for life of assembly

Fire Stopping

- UL 2079 Classified and listed for up to 3 hr assemblies
- Protection for up to 4" movement capability
- UL Classified level III (seismic) and lowest achievable L-rating (smoke/air seal)

Sound Dampening

- NVLAP certified to provide up to STC 67 (based on wall assembly)
- Open unencumbered joints (no caulk required)
- Fluted Deck Exposed only BlazeFrame Deck Plug or Flute Cover STC = 50+

Original BlazeFrame® are patented composite steel framing profiles with cured intumescent which provide seal against smoke, sound, and fire in both static and dynamic joint systems. BlazeFrame Industries, Ltd. and its approved resellers are presently the only companies in North America authorized to sell BlazeFrame®.

NOTICE: Only Original BlazeFrame® products meet our specified standards and as such BlazeFrame Industries, Ltd. can’t provide technical support to those who purchase imitation firestop products that purport to be BlazeFrame®. Imitation BlazeFrame® products manufactured outside of BlazeFrame’s strict Quality Control standards are not approved for use under BlazeFrame® third party Underwriters Laboratory (UL) or other certifying organizations listings, certifications, or test reports.

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